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New Sports Compression Tights Leggings 60614
Satisfied c. (United States)
Good fit

Like the fit and feel. Moves with workout. Stitching is not sturdy and does separate in places. Not long lasting but worth the price.

Great fit. Good quality.

Low Rise Sexy Splice Brief 60103
JT H. (United States)
Very Small Asian Sizing

I could not use the underwear because it was way too small. The underwear is very sexy and I do like the product but I cannot use it because it is not even close to being size appropriate. I am 6'3" tall, 175 lbs and I sized up 2 sizes per the website instructions. That was still not enough. I think even the 2xl would be too small for me as the xl are still so small. Only order if you are a 'petit' sized person.

Oh what a feeling

These long johns are so nice just to lounge around in when home..The feeling of the fabric around your legs, your genitals and backside is awesome..Definitely recommend going for a smaller size for closer luxurious feel to your skin..Utterly awesome to wear

Neither jock nor thong

So low rise that it falls on your knees :-)))
Lost money :-(

Mens Sento Towel Shorts 90508
VIRGO (United States)

fits like a glove

Low Rise Long Underwear Long John 80401
HotnSeobean (United States)

See what I mean nice

Sexy Low Rise Brief Bikini 00105
Robin A. (Hong Kong)

just love how these make me feel...... I can't stop thinking about my junk when I wear them - now I can't wait until next season comes out!

Low Rise Briefs 5040
Robin A. (Hong Kong)
Super Design

This style is super comfy - I just wanna curl myself up in a knot with my BF when I'm wearing these - he in one color, me in another - we try to rub and mix until we have a new color!


I'm afraid to let BF outta the house when he's wearing these - just toooooo much to control!

Checkered Bikini Briefs 5211
Robin A. (Hong Kong)
Matching Pears

I first bought the blue for myself, but then the black for (you know who) OMG - just THINKING about these make.......

DomiGe Low Rise Briefs 5059
Robin A. (Hong Kong)
Amazing sensations....

Damn! Wore them once, and now I gotta have one of every color! YUM!

Dot Modal Briefs 5139
Robin A. (Hong Kong)

I always have a problem finding undies that hold ALL I have. These do the trick! Very soft fabric that makes me .... when I put them on. But they don't stay on for long of my FB is in the flat......

Low Rise Long Underwear Long John 80401
HotnSeobean (United States)
Nice fit

I brought this product as a set top and bottom in white and I have to tell you I'm not disappointed at all it fits perfectly and feels good on the skin I have nothing bad to say about this if you like comfort you'll love this set I'm a medium but purchased a large cause sizing can be tricky. Love it two 👍👍up

Nylon Low Rise Sexy Nylon Boxer Brief 90205
HotnSeobean (United States)
Nice fit

These are awesome, they fit great and the color is nice I like these I brought these in another color before and they fit well also, though I have to ask can I get this style in orange? I love my new Seobean low cut boxer briefs

Feels great and definitely helps in cold weather.

Feels great and definitely helps in cold weather.

2019 A/W Long John Vortex Tights 90401
Russ L. (United Kingdom)

These make you feel mighty in your tights - great comfort and quality material love the emphasis on detail.

Side-Line Long John 10403
Russ L. (United Kingdom)
Long John Silver

Long johns are comfortable and sexy and are really gold! A must have in your wardrobe

Leggings with a difference

Design awesome and fit like a glove - love them

Low Rise Sexy Jocks Thongs 30110
Russ L. (United Kingdom)
Look good feel hot

Great fit makes you feel as you should - your best

Fit trunks

Happy to look good poolside and in the pool these trunks are great well fitted and good.

Low Rise Boxer Brief "Thank you" 80212
HotnSeobean (United States)
Awesome thanks

Awesome thanks for the look these are great and I like the colors

Light wear and comfortable

Shirt is very light and very comfortable. very breathable too...

wore it to go swimming and after swim i was still sweaty, but dries up quite well due to the shirt being thin and breathable.

I especially love the pockets on the shirt, can fit in quite a number of items in addition to my bigger than usual phone.

Low Rise Modal Briefs U3114
Leo V. (Hong Kong)
The best bag I've ever bought

True to the size. Feel extremely comfy when wearing. Will buy this brand again.