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Super Low Rise Sexy Shiny Brief Swimwear 50813
Mark F. (Philadelphia, United States)

Built like David, hung like a Stallion

Checkered Fit Trunks 90510
Brody R. (Dallas, United States)
I look my best in these boxer/trunks.

Wish I had these decades ago to wear. I love the colors the come in, say SPRING so loud. I am tempted to wear them out as regular shorts. Just need to add an extra size for us bid Zaddy men. I ordered many and I know what Santa is bringing me for Christmas.
Well done on a great design and color and fabric choices. You d serve and Oscar !!!!

Sexy Cross Band Jockstrap 220107
G. (Alexandria, United States)
Nice colors

Got one in each color. Very comfortable jocks
Stays put during activities.

Checkered Fit Trunks 230504
patrick b. (Severna Park, United States)
great pair

very attractive and sexy underwear. My wife loves them.

Sport Compression Tights Leggings 60614
Michael R. (Cardiff, United Kingdom)
Outstanding, simply the best

These are absolutely amazing, great fit, style and quality. Very highly recommended. You will not be disappointed. Go on treat yourself.

Sexy Nylon Boxer Brief 230215
Matthew J. (Buffalo, United States)
Sexy and They Know It

Yes the title speaks all! The nylon is tantalizing and smooth to the touch. The fabric has a lover’s cling that accents the accentable(?). I snagged 2 but can two ever be enough?
The truth is the only thing that comes between me and my Levis is Seobean.
Basic Stuff: Great fit, I’m a small but Medium in Seobean (sometimes bigger is better). Exceptional Value. Tres chic. And durable.

Staring Dog Swim Bikini 00901
Klaus H. (Halberstadt, Germany)

I really like these tight-fitting trousers. Sexy for older men too.

Sexy Asymmetry G-String 5090
Klaus H. (Halberstadt, Germany)

These are very small underpants. When my genitals are not erect, I can store them in my panties. However, a stiff cock can slip out. I don't think that's bad. Because I think it's cool.

Super Low Rise Sexy Long Swimwear 50814
Klaus H. (Halberstadt, Germany)

These swimming trunks are super sexy. It sits very well on the body. My bottom, my legs and my genitals are shown off very well. I feel comfortable in the swimming trunks. I like to show off what I have. It can also be used very well in the gym or for cycling.

Sexy Low Rise Brief Bikini 00102
Brian B. (Perth, Australia)
Perfect brief for beach this season

Sizing perfect great quality feel great on

Sport Running Training Sprint Shorts 20603
Brian B. (Perth, Australia)
Perfect fit and feel

Excellent quality. Very comfortable to wear . Sizing is perfect length I wanted

Low Rise Quick-Dry Shorts 10601
Brian B. (Perth, Australia)
Excellent shorts perfect length

Love these shorts. Sizing is perfect jand love the length. Can’t wait to hit the beach in these

Mesh Bodysuit 23701
Silverdick (Conshohocken, United States)
Nice fit

Silky feel nice porch and ass lines you tell me comments welcome more if you ask whatever you want I am Hornie now

Sport Compression Tights Leggings 60613
Felix L. (Coatesville, United States)

Like style and color

Mens Sento Towel Shorts 90508
P (Long Beach, United States)
Great fit and service

Medium was a bit small but they sent me a large with no hassle. It fit great. Very pleased.

Tiger Stripes Boxer Brief 22206
Michael (London, United Kingdom)
Great product

Great product and amazing fit!

Sexy Asymmetry G-String 5090
Colorado (Loveland, United States)
Fun, but a bit on the small side

This was an interesting purchase, leaves little to the imagination and is pretty comfortable. I had a bit of trouble fitting everything inside the pouch. I noticed on some of the images others point their cock up along the waistband, but the waistband didn't cover me either so in pointed myself down and it worked a bit better.
A larger pouch would be an improvement, but this was fun and my wife got a kick out of it.

Sexy O-Ring Thong 5114
Marc D. (Southwark, United Kingdom)
Very sexy

Very sexy

Sexy Asymmetry G-String 5090
Marc D. (Southwark, United Kingdom)
Very sexy

Very sexy

Colourway Contrast Shorts 220501
Andrew (Virginia Beach, United States)
Interesting style, definitely unique

Material super comfortable, look flattering and issue with pouch odd as placement same as with other seobeam shorts but material different leading to lifting more than holding. As with other reviewer,
cut pouch and much easier to fit and more appropriate to wear!

Low Rise Colors Bikini Brief 220106
Mizuko T. (Portland, United States)
Best Underwear

The nylon, low-rise feature and the tight fit around the privates make this highly desirable and snug for a comfortable weekend day. Highly recommend.

年年有餘 Bikini Brief 240105
Christer G. (Gothenburg, Sweden)
BIKINI BRIEF 240105 size L

Very nice in shape. But very small in size. I have ordered a pair in size XL, these were in size L, I usually wear size L European size

Super Low Rise Sexy Shiny Bikini Swim S3313
Mark F. (Philadelphia, United States)

Love this color

Super Low Rise Sexy Shiny Brief Swimwear 50813
Mark F. (Philadelphia, United States)

Super great low rise look

Super Low Rise Bikini Swimwear S324
Mark F. (Philadelphia, United States)

So comfortable