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Mesh Low Rise Boxer Brief 50212
Chris (Singapore, Singapore)

Very comfy and airy!

Low Rise Long Underwear Long John 70401
Ken (Chicago, United States)
stretchy, nice fit

They looked too short when I got them, but they stretched without a problem and the legs didn't ride up. Great fit! They are snug, but as they should be.

Classic Solid Boxer Brief 220208
Ken (Chicago, United States)
snug comfy fit

These are snug but comfortable. No loose spots, everything is where it should be. Plus I love the look! It is a simple understated style that looks great!

Super Low Rise Sexy Brief Bikini Swimwear 70901
Robert M. (Fairfield, United States)
Super Low Rise Swim Brief

I purchased this swimsuit in xl. I take a medium in US size. The XL fits perfectly. I bought 4 other low rise swimsuits as well in XL. All the suits have a great fit. I love the colors and the style. They are well made. Totally badass! Just make sure to take Asian sizing into account so that you purchase a size that fits you. Returning or exchanging a suit might be a challenge and not worth the expense and inconvenience.

Low Rise Modal Briefs U3114
Fal (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)
Nice cool material

The fitting is extremely tight while the material is cool and sheer

Checkered Fit Trunks 90510
P (Cork, Ireland)
Yes I’ve found it

At last I’ve found a pair of underwear that really fits so well in all areas. So much so that I have reordered this one in all available colours.

Mystery Bag - 10 Pairs
Pratty (Delhi, India)

I just received my parcel.
I am happy with the purchase. I got two swimsuits, one jockstrap, two shorts, and the rest underwear.

Slits Sport Shorts 22503
Hans-Peter W. (Essen, Germany)
Good pants and fit very well.

These pants fit well and I like them. I'll see if I can order more of these in the near future.

Low Rise Mesh Bikini Briefs 5527
Kevin F. (Sydney, Australia)

They fit do well snd are so sexy

Mesh G-String Thong 5267
Kevin F. (Sydney, Australia)

They are so sexy women love them

Low Rise Modal Long John U1232
Trevor (Melbourne, Australia)
Wow wow

Great longjohns to wear when the weather is cool...good sensual feeling.very enjoyable to wear

Low Rise Modal Long John U1227
Trevor (Melbourne, Australia)
Wow wow

These longjohns are so good to wear...The soft ribbed feel is so sensual..Just love wearing them.

Rash Guard Surfing Shirt 8803
L. M. (Szentendre, Hungary)
Great product

It is a great product. I wanted to buy a white, but it was sold out, instead I got a blue one and a grey one. The products are great, however, it is a little bit short in the arms and the waist (i got S), but nothing that is unacceptable. The material of the products is also high quality. I definitely will buy more shirts in the future in bigger sizes.

Checkered Fit Trunks 10501
TO (Yokohama, Japan)
Great fit

it enhances YOU

Rainbow Stripes Shorts 0501
passedout (Bangkok, Thailand)
NIce design

Robust cotton and comfy fit

Mystery Bag - 10 Pairs
Scott (Lauderdale, Australia)
Mystrey bag

Good quality assortment of undies, although I was a little disappointed not to receive any of your other products ,ie shorts ,swimsuit or clothing

Checkered Fit Trunks 220506
Eric (Le Tronquay, France)
Très bon tissu . Belle poche

Bon maintien

Side Line Mini Fit Trunks 220502
Eric (Le Tronquay, France)
Could be improved

If the seat was made with one piece and no middle seam

Fit Trunks 220507
Eric (Le Tronquay, France)
Good fabric

Perfect for

Swim Beach Surf Shorts 91306
Tameika E. (Kingston, Jamaica)
Medium fits small

The shorts are of nice quality but the sizing is a little off because the medium can fit a small person. It is very nice separate from that.

Sexy Bikini Briefs 5235
Kevin F. (Sydney, Australia)

They fitted do good and I will shop with you again

Super Low Rise Sexy Shiny Bikini Swim S3101
Michael B. (Chocowinity, United States)

Very sexy

Looks faolous

the tights have a nice feel and fit perfectly

Low Rise Mesh Briefs 5044
Ken (Chicago, United States)
fun to wear

these look very nice and fit very well also. No complaints.

Mens Sento Towel Shorts 90508
Ken (Chicago, United States)
great look but it doesn't stay put

These look just like they do in the pictures! Very interesting style, perfect for sauna or poolside. My only complaint is that as soon as I move around the "towel" portion starts to ride up and get out of place. I wonder if a size larger would work better, but it feels like a decent fit so I don't know. There's not a lot of fabric here so a little bit of movement could make this look more like a sweatband than a towel!